Performance, Poetry, Painting, Photography and Film

 6th DECEMBER 2018 : 4 – 8pm ∇

 Work by Poetry for Grenfell (Kamitan Arts) with Morpeth year 8 Students and Justice Now! ( young people’s photography project by Morpeth Sixth Form students ) in response to the tragic events of June 2017 and our current political climate 

 Poetry for Grenfell

‘As an immediate response to help deal with the emotional aftermath of the inhumane tragic fire of Grenfell Tower, Kamitan Arts had began running voluntary ‘Poetry 4 Grenfell’ workshops in the RBKC community and more specifically in the North of the Borough Since June 2017.

The Poetry 4 Grenfell movement came about when Emmanuelle Marcel a.k.a. Princess Emmanuelle (Founder and Chair of Kamitan Arts) decided to put a call out at the end of June 2017 for a bi-lingual compilation poetry book , which would include quotes, poems, raps, drawings and photos predominantly from the Grenfell effected community. Subsequently during the months that followed the horrific Grenfell fire, we have managed to collect heart-felt pieces written and drawn from the children, respected elders, humanitarians and activists in our community that have been given a platform to voice their opinions and share a message that has otherwise been manipulated or suppressed by the mainstream media. The amazing response from this call-out has truly been immense.

Performances and sharings by the Poetry4Grenfell poets which include Harriet Gore (Touch Love Worldwide),Princess Emmanuelle (EmpresS *1), Voice of Reason and Alexander D Great have taken place at the Carnival Launch, Carnival Pioneers, for the Portobello Film Festival’s Grenfell Tribute Night at Maxilla, and is what brought about the “Poetry 4 Grenfell” short film.’

website – http://www.kamitanarts.com/poetry4grenfell/