What is Voice


Thurs 3rd December  – Fri 11th December 2015

Opening Thursday 3rd December 4-8pm

Opening times: Thurs & Fri 4-7pm

What is this voice that is able to speak to others and ourselves? 

What are the barriers to being seen and heard in the world we live?

‘What is Voice’ is a show in Portman Gallery in Morpeth School  bringing together the work of Samia Malik and Marc Hulson. The show examines how art can be at the same time both a tool to communicate what we think and feel to others and a way of discovering what is important to us, and may have been previously unknown before the work was made.

Samia Malik is an artist and designer who has worked in the fashion industry. Her work examines consumer practice and the forces that control, dominate or supress people in the contemporary world. She works in a variety of mediums including collage, textiles and clothing.


Samir Malik

Marc Hulson makes paintings and drawings that visualise what can only be expressed through the body and image. He is interested in the function of fiction and the way people can create places for  ‘unknowable’ or ’unacceptable’ parts of themselves.

 – A. Cooper, 2015

“Drawings by Marc Hulson conjure with what the dark corners of our own homes conceal… Hulson sets the scene with dramatis personae that could be taken for a family. But he also brings to the stage a clawed monster in human clothing, a grotesque reptilian eye, and another eye that weeps and dissolves. And there is a drawing of a staircase – that oftentimes most frightening of places… I am reminded of other nocturnal invasions of domestic spaces, as envisaged by eighteenth century artists: Fuseli’s The Nightmare, a demonic figure squatting on a deeply slumbering woman, and Goya’s The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, a sleeping man mobbed by owls, bats and cats.”

( Angela Kingston – quoted from the publication 3AM: wonder, paranoia and the restless night, edited by Bryan Biggs, Liverpool University Press 2015)


Marc Hulson

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