Poster Production

Poster Production

December 6th – December 13th 2012


For this exhibition Dean Kenning has worked with art students from Morpeth School, Central St Martins and Reading University. Each group of students has produced posters based on different themes and according to various methods of working. Year 12 students from Morpeth have created Social Body Mind Maps which are self portraits stemming from a problem or mystery initiated by an artwork, and connecting outwards with social life worlds of families, friends, passions and the imagination. St Martins students have attended a seminar on Maps, Diagrams and Schemas, and have produced new diagrammatic artworks. Reading University students have created posters with a political theme after being involved with a workshop on Political Posters.

Poster Production brings all this work together in one place, and alongside posters by 11 other artists.

Morpeth School 6th Form Art: 
Sadeeq Adan, Hamida  Begum, Resna  Begum, Holly Farrell-Kelly, Tufayel  Karim, Usof Khan, Sabil Miah, Joanna Webb.

Central St Martins BA Fine Art 
Joseph Evans, Emma Vidal
Tais Bean, Madeline Bohrer, Amy Geyer, Edward Gillman, Alexander Skorobogatov, Jeff O’Loughlin, Ana Gold Chumillas, Nural Moser, Katie Tindle, Tom Camm, Alex Pascall, Kavan Balasuriya, Anna Olenicenco, Alina Buzea, Tosin Ogunsanya, Lou Macnamara, Nashrath Lameer, Aram Kim, Thea Mulvey, Ullrike Nordseth, Joanna Knott, Claudia Rowland, Lilly Vogor

Reading BA Fine Art:
Beth Colman, Esther Shilliday, Rosie McCarthy, Faye Nelson, Melanie Aston, Rosanne McNamara, Natasha Day, Lucy Hatch, Robyn Appleton, LEWDJAW///Jack Wilson, Laura Prime, Bethany Oram

David Burrows, Sophie Carapetian, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Emma Hart, Kate Janes, Kommunist Sex Klub, Esther Planas, Clunie Reid, John Russell, Eva Weinmayr, Mary Yacoob

Curated by Dean Kenning

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