26th APRIL 2018 : 4 – 8pm & 27th APRIL 2018 : 6 – 8pm ∇

• JANUS • All seeing Mover and Shaker,  Grand Master and Shimmery two faced God of duality,     revolving doors, commercial and institutional foyers (all sizes)     turnstiles and bleep bleep Oyster Cards.       Got two faces, one gazing inwards we guess at all the squishy stuff the other straining to see outside through the steamed up bus window of time.

There is a man sitting in the corner for your entertainment. She keeps doing the administration. Where are the other ones? Cleaning themselves. Shredding paper. Reading a manifesto in the mop bucket. Drawing away to get through it all.

This exhibition includes work by four student teachers doing their initial teacher training on an Art and Design PGCE course. Exploring what they can bring into schools with their art practices and how schools are shaping their work as artists. This exhibition tries to work out what schools have done to their minds and to their bodies. The work is performances, sculptures, drawings, photographs, maintenance and more.



Luke studied Sculpture in Edinburgh before joining the committee of Embassy gallery there for two years until 2012. The gallery is run by artists and shows work by recent graduates and local artists as well as bringing artists from across the UK and beyond to work in Edinburgh. From 2012 he has produced a range of collaborative projects about what art does in cities. He has played in bands and organised reading groups. He has made robots, sculptures, videos and publications and has exhibited work in the UK and Iceland. After working as a technician in the art and architecture departments of schools and universities he decided to study to become a secondary school art teacher in 2017.​


Ariella studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. Since graduating in 2013, she has worked in the textiles industry as a print agent and photographer, taught English in Argentina and worked in a SEN specialist school. Wanting to further develop both her teaching experience and art practice, she is now training as an Artist Teacher at UCL, London. Ariella creates work for, and in response to a given environment, often resulting in sculpture or installation which exists ephemerally or is subject to chance. In her works, found, common and industrial materials are taken through a series of performative actions, are repurposed and re-situated. 


Haley studied Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts. Her degree allowed her to explore different ways of making, gaining an understanding of processes such as: bronze pouring, plaster casting, Photoshop and print making. Since graduating Haley has mostly specialised in print making and ceramics but still has a natural curiosity to explore new processes and materials. Drawing on inspiration from patterns found in obscure architectural forms to human behaviour, recording the unremarked incidences of everyday life.


Henry Graduated From Kingston University in 2011. Whilst studying Henry had the privilege of joining ‘Giant Robots Collective’, working with them on many of their large scale landscape specific projects. Upon graduating Henry was picked up by Debut Contemporary Gallery in Nottinghill and exhibited work in both London and Los Angeles. In 2013 Henry took up residence in Stockholm at the Fjderholmarna Wood shop and started producing handmade products to stock his attached store. This was followed in 2014 by his first Solo exhibition ‘Hold onto Each Other’ on the Isle of Man. His arts collective ‘Dark Seas Wild Mountains has been running since 2011 and has seen three group shows. Henry then moved to Melbourne and set up a wooden homewares business, reaching the pages of Gourmet Traveller and stocking stores internationally. He also held the illustrative group show ‘Phos-Pheinein’ in Melbourne before getting kicked out of the country and deciding to become an artist teacher in London. He already has plans to break back into Australia, he enjoys the weather.