Inside Out

Inside Out

2 July – 10 July 2015


Slayer fans boxed up ready for sale travel around Europe with marauding ducks or gravity defying Morris dancers; a self-reflective solace is found in domestic fragments, resisting commodification, whilst scratches finish us off with a sense of peace and calm in Florida.
Inside out is an exhibition celebrating the continuing capacity in state education of people to have a right to a participation in the questions that don’t have answers. 
” ……….Such is the origin of the grotesque image of culture that we find in examinations, government referenda as well as news paper competitions (where everyone is called upon to choose according to his or her own taste, on condition that taste coincides with everyone else). As if we would not remain slaves so long as we do not control the problems themselves, so long as we do not posses a right to a participation in and management of the problems. ” Gilles Deleuze 
Without the material space to show and create our own discourse we cannot ask these questions, in essence Portman Gallery is a laboratory  we claim to inform our educational practice.

Andrew Cooper & Agnieszka Wojtanowicz 

Exhibiting Artists: Sarah Jayne Bird, Andrew Cooper, Emily Hughes, Michelle Mottley, Lanre Oduwole, Sanna Charles, Ev Abbott, Agnieszka Wojtanowicz.

Thursday 2 July, 4 – 8pm

Friday 3 July, 4 – 6pm
Thursday 9 July, 4 – 6pm
Friday 10 July, 4 – 6pm

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