From Pencil to Pixel

From Pencil to Pixel

6th JULY 2017 : 6pm – 8pm

“Art is and was never taken seriously. The generic response would be “You’re wasting your life”. It’s deemed controversial to take it up as a profession, especially in our community. It doesn’t just have a singular form and medium, art is everywhere. Everything you touch, taste, hear, smell and look at is art. This fantasy we call reality wouldn’t exist without art. And we love it”.

– Ratul, Kabir & Arman

In this exhibition, the Portman Gallery points a spotlight on the development of three young people’s journeys through art education; from pupil through to independent thinker. By giving these young adults the opportunity to showcase their work in the very place where for them, art became part of their career path, we hope to highlight the routes available for young people with an interest in the arts.




Ratul Roychoudhury: My name is Ratul Roychoudhury, I’m 20 years old and I use to paint at this school for A levels and GCSE’s. During school, I had always enjoyed painting my own things. For my A levels, I had an interest in painting horrific along with gory figures on large pieces of wood. I picked up broken door pieces of a cupboard from the streets, taken the top of a wooden table from the trash, cleaned it up and made it ready for painting. I always wanted to create paintings that resemble a unique vision from my perspective. Something that makes the viewers instantly know that it was created by me. Even though most of the paintings were not exactly what the curriculum wanted the best grade possible, I’m satisfied that I got to make things I want and I can look back at it for decades. Right now, I’m studying at Middlesex University on a ‘3D Animation and Games’ course where I work with software’s to design, create and animate building structures, making characters come alive, almost anything you want. It’s a little different to drawing and painting however the creativity stays no matter what I’m doing.

Kabir Abdul: My name is Kabir otherwise known as zzzKEO on DeviantART. I am an aspiring illustrator currently studying Animation & Illustration at university. Born and raised in East London, I’ve always had strong passion to create worlds using my imagination ever since I can remember – making the Art Industry a credible career path for myself.

Arman Ali: I picked up Art because a teacher told me I’m good at drawing, that’s all it took. I really loved the rivalry between each artist, competing to be the best among my classmates and friends. It was the best feeling, reaching heights you’ve never been to before. I learned that there will always be someone better than me which keeps pushing me to hone my skill. I now study 3D Animation & Games at Middlesex University and I’m striving to be among the best in the world. My name is Arman Ali, nice to meet you.