Chad McCail: Monoculture

Chad McCail: Monoculture

8 December – 16 December 2011


Portman Gallery is pleased to present Monoculture a large scale digital drawing by artist Chad McCail. The picture shows the cross section of an underground school, as the robot-like students progress through each of the subterranean classrooms to the top of the institution they gain layers of body armour and are made to wear masks. What happens to the students when they reach the surface? What can the picture tell us about education today? Monoculture will be on display in Portman Gallery from 8-16th of December with an accompanying booklet created by the artist revealing some of the narratives found within the picture. The exhibition will also include a display of artworks made by students that explore the issues and images brought up in Monoculture.

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Monoculture booklet available to download here




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