Art Power

Art Power

March 21st – March 26th 2013


John Cussans brings together young artists from Morpeth School and Cambridge Heath Sixth Form Centre to produce banners drawing on the techniques of Haitian Tap Tap painting – celebrating and exploring the role and provision of art in a secondary school.

The exhibition brings together two spaces where the value of art for young people is recognised; the hidden world of Art in schools and the Tele Geto project in Haiti. This will be the third show where John has brought the tradition of Haitian Art, with its affective, magical transformation of matter, to Portman Gallery.

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Image: John leading the first banner design workshop


IMG_7528IMG_7489 IMG_7486Students Working on Banner 1

Finished banner installed with the Tele Geto Sign


IMG_7603 IMG_7601 IMG_7553


IMG_7548 IMG_7552 IMG_7604 IMG_7618 IMG_7578 IMG_7632 IMG_7572